The Oakley School Mission

Our mission is to inspire each student to respect and pursue educational and moral growth while developing individual skills crucial to success in a complex, changing world.

By engaging in diverse educational experiences, both in and out of the classroom, self-esteem is strengthened and life skills are promoted. What parents find in Oakley School is a place for their children to excel in academics, acquire positive emotional communication and responsibility, and discover new strengths in physical adventures and community service.

  • Academics

    Oakley's Student Life The Oakley School provides a college preparation program where learning is its own reward. Oakley stresses a “hands-on” learning environment, where lessons are not only applied and retained, but a lifelong love of learning becomes part of the student. A full curriculum includes college preparatory courses, Honors, and a limited selection of Advanced Placement courses, in all areas stressing academic achievement. Read More
  • Therapy

    Oakley's College Counseling Services All students can benefit from the personal growth available in a supportive context. At the Oakley School, students claim the power of their emotions and learn to exercise intuition, creating balance with the analytical and reasonable aspects of themselves. They learn to be sensitive to their own needs and to the emotions of others, as well. Wholeness, accountability, and understanding result. Read More
  • Student Life

    Contact Oakley School Today The Oakley School holds students and faculty to an integrity based value system. Oakley believes that what ultimately makes the boarding school experience a superior one is not only a challenging, rich and diversified curriculum — a truly critical building block of a great campus culture — but also an exciting, captivating and enriching student life outside of the formal classroom. Such a positive student life builds character, self-esteem and competence in all members of the student body. Read More
  • Experiential Education

    Oakley Model Based on the premise that field experience greatly enhances classroom learning, Oakley organizes students’ experiential education learning into intensive Module blocks. These programs explore service opportunities, the arts, and outdoor education adventures. Here, students master various skills, improve natural abilities and are motivated to share their capabilities with others. Read More