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As yet there is not a defined catchment area. The Local Authority are working with schools in the area over the coming weeks to finalise this for September 2024. If the school is oversubscribed in September 2023 priority will be given to pupils based on distance to the new Oakley School site (CV33 9QE) as the crow flies. The Planned Admission number for September 2023 is 180. We have secured funding on this basis to ensure we are able to offer the full curriculum to all our students even if the actual intake is below this number.
The block is fully expected to be built on time. Construction is underway and currently on track. However, Warwickshire County Council will announce plans nearer the time if the building is not ready. There are a number of contingency plans being considered to ensure Oakley School is open to Year 7 pupils from September 2023. We will be able to share these with you shortly.
The school is fully expected to be built for September 2024 to accommodate Reception, Year 7 and Year 8 pupils. Again, Warwickshire County Council will announce plans nearer the time if the building is not ready. We will be able to share these with you shortly.
Our Headteacher, Sarah Kaye, started in post on Jan 1st.  Appointments to the wider leadership and teaching team are underway and our Head of Year and SENDCo are due start after the Easter break.

Our school uniform was selected by public vote.  Pupils will wear an Oakley School blazer, white shirt, house tie and choice of black school uniform trousers or an Oakley School tartan skirt.  Our PE uniform has also been announced.  School and PE uniform will soon be available for purchase.

Oakley Uniform

Extensive transition activities will be in place. Further information can be found on our transition page.
There will also be a Summer School – further details to follow.

We have both a MAT SEND Primary Lead and a MAT SEND Secondary Lead who will work closely with primaries prior to and during transition. A SENDCo will be in post after Easter specifically for Oakley School who will play a large role in the transition process.

Oakley School pupils will have timetabled lessons in Science, D & T and PE in the main Myton School buildings. They will be accompanied to these lessons by Oakley School staff at all times.
IT lessons will be held in a purpose-built classroom in the Oakley School block.
Further details on the Curriculum can be found on a separate section of the website coming shortly.
There is also extensive information on the Southam College website here which will be the model for Oakley School.

We are working closely with Myton School and are looking at friends with their 6th formers. We are also able to hold Trust events. In June 2022 students from all our Trust schools participated in a theatre day at the Belgrade Theatre which was a huge success. There will be a range of activities where Year 7 Oakley pupils will be working with older Peers from across the Trust. These could include participation in Trust wide Drama productions, Dance festivals, Charity events, Sports events and joint residential visits.
For most lessons pupils will be taught in their tutor groups initially; some subjects will have different groupings to allow access to specialist facilities (e.g., D & T subjects, P.E). We will set in Maths after we have a forensic understanding of pupil’s ability levels.
There will be a large number of opportunities on offer, and we are currently discussing supervised combined opportunities with Myton pupils to further extend these. Further details on the Extra-Curricular activities can be found on a separate section of the website coming shortly. Please visit Southam College and Kineton High schools’ websites for a flavour of our extensive extra-curricular programme.
The “Oakley School” block at Myton School will have a fully functioning catering kitchen with an adjoining dining area. Catering will be provided by Myton School caterers. Pupils eligible for Free School Meals will need to apply via Warwickshire County Council as for all schools.
Transport will be arranged by Warwickshire County Council, as with all school transport. There are currently four buses which bring pupils to Myton and any extra need will be reviewed after 31st October once applications have been received and analysed. We will raise with WCC the issue of travel costs as we appreciate students would not travel by bus to Oakley School, but some may need to travel by bus to Myton School.
There will be a cycle shelter for forty bicycles in the new block.

This will be in place for September 2023.  Please see our Prospectus for further information on how to join us.

This has not previously been an option that the Trust has come across. However, when it was formed in April 2017, one of our Secondary schools was incorporated into the MAT as a Sponsored Academy due to being in Special Measures. The school is now Ofsted rated as “Good” and goes from strength to strength. We are also heavily involved in building projects as currently both Southam College and Kineton High School are being rebuilt by the Department for Education.

Our secondary schools perform in line with or significantly above national results in all areas. Our lead secondary Southam College has performed significantly above national averages for the past 10 years. It is in the top 1% of schools to have gained three consecutive Outstanding reports.

The picture of very high academic performance is mirrored in our primary schools. Our lead primary is consistently in the Sunday Times top 10% of primary school in England.

Click here to view Southam College’s policy. Oakley School will follow the same policy which will be tailored to individual needs of the school if required.

The school will not initially be opened with a sixth form. However, there are plans in place to ensure this is possible in the future with the building footprint allowing an extension to be easily added on to the main block to allow for this. The infrastructure will be placed in the ground during the initial build. Stowe Valley MAT have sixth forms in all their secondary schools and will have every intention to provide this at Oakley School in the future.

This project is being undertaken by Warwick District Council – you can view a their FAQ’s here.
We appreciate there are concerns over footpaths, cycle paths and lighting. We will be bringing our prospective parents views to the attention of both Warwick District and County Councils.